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Nouvelle Garden

Nouvelle Garden Delicious food and lively music makes for a heady combination for a very special diner like you. And, why should it not especially after a hard day of work. The all-day, fine dining restaurant at The Ambient Turret hotel, Nouvelle Garden, offers the world of gastronomy on a platter with a mindboggling and an eclectic choice of dishes that are innovatively and creatively prepared by our chefs, and which serve to inspire both the mind and body.

The Nouvelle Garden restaurant at The Ambient Turret hotel is a perfect place for either business lunches or for our guests to simply unwind and relax in complete serenity. The ambience at the restaurant is designed for comfort and relaxation where our guests and their business contacts dine in a fine setting over gourmet dishes and the finest collection from our well-stocked bar. For guests who prefer private dining, our exceptional room service will ensure that you are offered a wonderful in-room dining experience. The Nouvelle Garden restaurant offers a great spread of gourmet food, where menus are prepared to perfection to suit the varied tastes of our esteemed diners. The friendly and helpful staff at the Nouvelle Garden restaurant is always eager to serve its guests the best menus on offer, and to make their dining an enriching and an unforgettable experience. The rare culinary skills and talents of the chefs at the Nouvelle Garden restaurant is truly something worth experiencing.

The Kitchen

The Nouvelle Garden restaurant at The Ambient Turret hotel has the most modern kitchen, fitted with the best cooking, cleaning and sterilizing equipment that is used in food production. Maintaining hygiene and cleanliness is of utmost importance at the Nouvelle Garden restaurant, and this is rigidly enforced in our kitchen. The Ambient Turret hotel also sources only the freshest of produce from select suppliers on a daily basis: be it fruits, vegetables, meat, fish or poultry, so that our restaurant can prepare your menu from the very best of ingredients.


Bon Appétit !

Pick a menu and allow the chef to take you on a journey through different cultures and geographies as they recreate food traditions from distant and exotic lands at the Nouvelle Garden restaurant. Also, experience the influence of different civilizations in the cuisines available at the Nouvelle Garden restaurant. Indian cuisine is a melting pot of different cultures where each influences the other but yet does not blend in with or dominate the cooking styles of the other dishes. The guests at the Nouvelle Garden restaurant have a wide choice of cuisines to choose and which are drawn from the different regions of India. From the traditional sushi and sashimi of Japan to the delicately flavored and aromatic Persian cuisine, the Nouvelle Garden restaurant offers an exceptional and interactive global dining experience for our guests.

Indian Cuisine

Rajasthani: The cuisine from the land of sand dunes and Rajputs is as fiery and colorful as the traditional lehenga’s worn by its women folk. Be it the Dal-batti-churma, Mirchi bada, Bajre-ki-roti, Lashun-ki-chutney or the famously sweet Malpaua dessert, Rajasthani cuisine reflects the rich history and traditions of Rajasthan.

Punjabi: Who can forget the Rajma-chawal or the simple Dal fry eaten at the road-side dhaba…the taste of the food tends to linger! Such is the cuisine of Punjab—‘India’s bread-basket’. The Nouvelle Garden restaurant offers the best variety of tandoori baked breads, makke-di-roti, sarson-da-saag, and much more.

Kashmiri: Allow the chefs at the Nouvelle Garden restaurant to give you a feel of the ‘Paradise on the Earth’ as you taste our Kashmiri delicacies: Wazwan, Roganjosh or the lightly flavored saffron pilauf, among others.

Bengali: Delve into the soft and cushiony Rosagollas, tasty Sandesh, Posto Bhaja or Doi Maach—all cooked to perfection by our Bengali chefs at the Nouvelle Garden restaurant.

Awadhi: When at the Nouvelle Garden restaurant eat like the Nawabs of Awadh and gorge on a variety of renowned delicacies that include Kebabs, Kormas, Biryani, Sheermal, Warqui parathas, among others.

Hyderabadi: This cuisine immediately brings to mind the irresistible Haleem, Dum Biryani and Gongura Chutney of Hyderabad. The Nizams of Hyderabad and the Sultans of Golconda have bequeathed to us their royal cooking legacy that can be enjoyed and relished at the Nouvelle Garden restaurant.

Chettinad: The spiciest and most aromatic of all cuisines in South India, Chettinad cuisine, originates from the Chettiar community of Tamil Nadu. The liberal use of boiled eggs is the major differentiator of this cuisine as are other delightful dishes such as Appams, Adais, Kara Kozhambu and sun-dried meat, which all speak volumes about this cuisine.

Kerala: Get a taste of Kerala cuisine cooked the way it should be in ‘God’s own country’. If all you can think of is spicy fish, fish and more of fish, then opt for the Kerala menu that offers you fish moilee, fish mappas, Malabar prawn curry, and many more such delightful treasures from the sea. Our vegetarian guests too can feast on the more traditional Saadya and Avial dishes, to name a few.

Goan: This cuisine has distinct Portuguese influences with fish and sea food as its main staple. Goan cuisine also uses kokum or aamsul. A variety of sea food dishes from fish, prawn, mussels, crab and oyster at the Nouvelle Garden restaurant can all be downed with generous quantities of Feni—that delightful Goan alcoholic beverage made from cashew nut.

Karavalli: Karavalli cuisine blends the food and cooking traditions of the six different coastal regions of India, and offers to our guests varied and delectably innovative dishes, both non-vegetarian and vegetarian, that are served with the right mix of herbs and spices.

International Cuisine

Continental: Continental or western cuisine at the Nouvelle Garden restaurant offers the choicest gourmet dishes from Europe and combines its culinary traditions and food in a remarkable variety of food menus from all the regions in Europe.

Italian: Think Italian, think pasta! Italian cuisine conjures up images of olive oil, farm fresh tomatoes, bell peppers, parmesan cheese, pasta varieties and pizza.

Mexican: Tacos, enchiladas, nachos, tortillas—all from the ancient land once inhabited by the Mayas of present-day Mexico, this widely popular cuisine is believed to have similarities with Indian cuisine.

Mediterranean: Mediterranean cuisine popular for its taste and health offers a lip smacking selection of gourmet dishes from the region at the Nouvelle Garden restaurant, which are prepared from ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, bread, lentils, sea food, nuts and olive oil.

Persian: Iranian cuisine is a blend of many civilizations and draws from the culinary traditions of ancient Mesopotamia, Anatolia and Central Asian. The Nouvelle Garden restaurant offers delicately flavored and aromatic dishes, which include kebabs and other barbequed cuts that melt in your mouth, succulent meat dishes and a mouthwatering selection of sherbets and desserts.

Hawaiian: Hawaiian cuisine has drawn its influences from the numerous immigrants to the island region of Hawaii. So you can expect the Asian staple of rice, macaroni salad from America and the Japanese tonkastu, among others.

Pan Asian Cuisine

Japanese: There is more to Japanese food than simply the sushi and tempura staple! Come and try out the choicest spread of delicately prepared and artistically presented gourmet delights from the island nation of Japan and relish a variety of sea food and meat-based dishes with specially cooked rice, and soba, and udon noodles—all washed down with a glass of perfectly cured sake or rice wine.

Chinese: Chinese cuisine is legendary for its pungent and delectable meat-based delicacies that promote harmony and the right balance of yin and yang in the diner. We pamper you at the Nouvelle Garden restaurant with a lavish spread of Chinese gourmet food served with a variety of noodle dishes, oysters, dim sum, and many other oriental delights!

Thai: The cuisine from Siam or modern-day Thailand is legendary for its cooking that is believed to achieve in its food a balance between the principal tastes: sourness, saltiness, bitterness and sweetness. Thai food is known for its delectable sauces and the use of exotic herbs and spices, which combine to offer light and aromatic delicacies that will leave you in a state of culinary bliss!

Malaysian: The cuisine from Malaysia draws upon the culinary influences of the Indian subcontinent, Indonesia, Thailand and China. Rempah, a spicy mix, is an integral part of all Malaysian dishes.

Sri Lankan: The spicy curries of Sri Lanka remind one of the Kerala curries. Sri Lankan cuisine is considered to be among the most complex among the regions of South Asia.