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Outdoor Catering Services

Certain events need to be remembered as special days and such occasions are made even more memorable by the food served on the menu for the guests! Outdoor events demand no compromise on the food and The Ambient Turret hotel understands this well, and walks the extra mile to make the impression a lasting one. It is simple. You chose the venue and decide on the menu. The Ambient Turret will then create magic and ensure your guests’ delight with the delectable food served in great style as part of our outdoor catering service.

At The Ambient Turret hotel, outdoor catering takes on a whole new dimension. The requirements are different and the staff is specially trained to meet the catering needs of large gatherings of guests at outdoor locations. The punctuality of time, aesthetics of arrangement, the entrees and soups before the main menu, food craft and presentation, mouthwatering desserts and on the spot innovation—all serve to create a sense of joyous celebration among the guests and go a long way in making the event a truly memorable one. The menu is as delectable as it is varied. The cuisines that we serve comprise Indian, International and Pan Asian dishes that are cooked to perfection. The flavor of these varied culinary treats from India and across the seven seas is sure to linger with you for a while.

Rajasthani Punjabi Kashmiri Bengali
  Awadhi   Hyderabadi   Chettinad   Kerala
  Goan   Karavalli  

Continental Italian Mexican Mediterranean
  Persian   Hawaiian  

  Japanese   Chinese   Thai   Malaysian
  Sri Lankan  

The scale of the event may be economical or extravagant but your catering requirements are our commitment. We even provide on-site kitchens to make sure our guests are served warm and sumptuous food, at all times. The Ambient Turret hotel promises to turn any function of yours not just into a celebration but a truly memorable occasion that your guests will recall with pride, and even, envy!