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Nov, 20th 2019
4:51 AM
Unisex beauty salon !

The Amber Nova Unisex Beauty Salon at The Ambient Turret hotel is a specialty beauty care salon that treats our clients to a scrupulously designed atmosphere, and where customized beauty services pamper their every need. The Amber Nova salon is all about innovation in beauty care. The best of treatments use the latest technologies that are safe and proven and deliver that care with a very personalized touch. Beauticians at the salon attend to you with serene sensitivity that comes with professional training and practice provided only at The Ambient Turret hotel.

Unisex Beauty Salon

Come and experience the Amber Nova were your beauty is revealed to you instantly! The beauty salon offers an array of treatments, massages and therapies, which include:

Facial massage
Ayurvedic massage
Full body massage
Aroma therapy

These massages are holistic in approach and are aimed at soothing and rejuvenating your mind, body and soul. The Amber Nova also offers a range of beauty services from hair styling to special packages for the bride and groom. The Amber Nova at The Ambient Turret hotel is another world by itself, which is sure to rejuvenate you like never before. Needless to say, we have special packages for the busy business guest, walk-in customer or leisure traveler.